【TMHK堅守報導,無懼網絡攻擊】【Network attack? Bring it on! We are here to fight!】



本台網站於2015年10月3日晚上數小時內受到持續性DDOS 網絡攻擊,高峰期時更曾超出伺服器負荷二十倍之多。經過多番搶修後,現時網站連接速度會較平常慢,甚至未能登陸網站查閱本台新聞。

本台只是在有限資源下盡力提供持平的網絡新聞頻道,無意猜測是次大型網絡攻擊是否刻意針對本台進行。為讓公眾可以繼續收看本台新聞消息,短時間內全數新聞將會透過本台Facebook專頁 及YouTube頻道繼續為大眾提供新聞資訊,直至網站修復為止。






【Network attack? Bring it on! We are here to fight!】

TMHK is now being attacked by DDOS continuously starting from 3 Oct 2015 midnight. The working load of server during the peak period was exceeded 20 times than the designed capacity.

After urgent maintenance, our website can sometimes be connected.

TMHK aims to sustain a fair and open channel for reporting news online with limited resources and we have no intention to surmise if this malicious attack is targeted to us.

In order to allow the public to access TMHK continuously, all news will be published via Facebook Page & YouTube until TMHK website is resumed.

We seriously condemn for any attack that suppressing freedom of press.

TMHK insists to consist with our roles and transmit news to the public.

TMHK Editorial Board

4th October, 2015

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